Our immediate mission is to encourage Americans, no matter what party they are a member of, especially Independent voters, to closely examine the truth on a variety of topics which affect our lives. America's True News strives to provide information to citizens of only factual data in order to aid the public to making true intelligent decisions based on the facts.

Will you base your decisions upon biased information that is being fed to the public by the media? Can we really trust everything we read, hear and see on the "news" today? Sadly, we believe the answer to that question is a resounding no.


Truth has no agenda, no ulterior motives. It can be cold, dispassionate, difficult and painful to hear. But when truth is confronted and accepted, it is liberating, inspiring and enlightening. Truth sits at the core of American democracy and it is our mission to find, verify and present the truth.

What makes us different?

What sets us apart from other news and fact checking organizations that on occasion give misinformation or a spin to suit their political agenda, we stand behind our facts – and if proved to be substantially untrue we will pay a $5000 award, to be paid to anyone that can prove beyond a doubt that a fact on our site is false. There will be a board made up of a registered Republican, Democrat, Conservative and four Independents to determine if the claim is valid and then the decision is final.

In fairness to the President, another reason for creating this website is that the mass majority of emails circulating about him are false. Even some of the fact checking websites are biased, and may put a spin on their information. Everything that you find on this site is FACT!

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